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NAPIT is known to be one of the leading United Kingdom authorized accreditation service. It is a scheme that offers accredited membership to different operators who are in the fabric sector and building service. On an estimate, there is a total of around 10,000 NAPIT installers who are registered in the field of heating, electrical, micro generation, ventilation as well as the building of fabric trades across different parts of the United Kingdom commercial, domestic and industrial markets.

For many consumers around the UK, this means that they are going to have access to installers who have been able to demonstrate their undertaken control and competence in a way that they are able to comply with all the set requirements of different schemes especially when it comes to safety, quality, and compliance.  The responsibility of safe work and complaint solely lies with the installer. The role of NAPIT is to carefully monitor each of the scheme members and go ahead as to monitor that all the schemes are fulfilling all the responsibilities that they have. However, it is important for you to understand that installers do not carry out their work on behalf of NAPIT or under the control of this authorized accreditation service. Also, the extent to which a particular audit or inspection is going to be carried out is usually determined by various owner schemes organizations.

Why should you choose a NAPIT member for Electrial Work in Your Property?

It is important for you to make sure that your work is done by someone who is competent and skilled. Also, it is also important for you to go for someone who is committed to safety, quality and customer care as well. Members of the NAPIT scheme have been able to demonstrate that they are competent to carry out their work. They also tend to hold a number of insurances and they also make use of the right procedures and processes when it comes to ensuring that there is compliance.

Regulations of NAPIT

Not all the work that is carried out by different installers is usually covered by the different NAPIT regulatory requirements. This is mainly because the building regulations that have been set out in Wales and England require that there are those types of work which should be notified as compliant. This notification should be done either through the building control or it can be done through self-certification which should be done by someone who is competent.

All the NAPIT registered electricians in all the fields that have been mentioned above are able to carry out a certification of their very own work. By doing this, they are able to save consumers a lot of money and time that would be involved in the whole building control process.

There are however various different types of electrical work, both commercial and residential and even industrial, learn more about the different types of work an electrician will be able to undertake in your property.