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Newcastle Castle was recently reopened to the public after a very extensive renovation job was completed. The restoration project of Newcastle Castle was said to take a total of £1.67m and was completed in mid-march. The historic black gate was officially opened to the public on the 21st of March on a Saturday in the year 2015. The renovation was bound to bring about new things and different designs that anyone who was visiting the castle was bound to notice.

The Grim History of Newcastle Castle

The black gate of thecastle, as well as the castle keep, has been subjected to different types of research over the years. With this research, a grim and colorful history has been discovered about the place. Some of the stories that were uncovered included those of prisoners who were been quartered and hung drawn going through an unusual tale of how a certain youngster was killed by a flying donkey.

One of the Best Preserved Castles in the Whole of the UK

Currently, the keep stands as one of the finest medieval stone castle which you can be able to find in the United Kingdom. The keep is also still open to the public therefore if you are thinking of visiting the area and having a look at what it is all about, feel free to do so. Visitors who are visiting the iconic castle are also able to enjoy picturesque views which also come with an in-depth history about the coverings of the Newcastle castle. You will also get to have a look displayed coverings as well as the inhabitants of the castle over the years. All this and many other factors are able to give visitors a kind of insight when it comes to the ancient heritage of Newcastle castle.

Coming all the way from the grim dungeons to the royal fortress, the new exhibits that were added during the renovation works are able to give all visitors an in-depth experience in terms of how life could have been like for the inhabitants who were living there during those early days. Having a look at the two medieval buildings will give you the best experience ever and so much more.

Ghost Hunting at Newcastle Castle

Newcastle castle is also known to have hosted a number of ghost-hunting exhibitions especially because of its grim history and the apparent sightings that have been made about the Poppy girl. The Poppy Girl is known to be a previous resident of the castle who was jailed for owing people large sums of money. The girl was beaten in the prisons which are also where she died.

If you are planning on visiting the castle, a ticket for an adult costs £6.50 while a ticket for children costs £3.90. Children who are under the age of five are allowed to enter the castle for free. If your looking at free days out in Newcastle a day trip to the Great North Museum in Newcastle is always free!