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Why Victoria Tunnel Newcastle is considered to be a top tourist attraction

Even though the Victoria Tunnel Newcastle is one of the top tourist attractions in England, it is not owned by any big private company. The attraction site is managed by the Ouseburn trust who are a local charity group. The Ouseburn trust is the organisation who took over the neglected tunnel from the city council in Newcastle in the year 2010. Once this took place, the tunnel was repaired and opened to the public who could visit the attraction on a guided tour. The guided tours were previously done by Newcastle city council who received funding from the Tyne and Wear partnership and the Heritage lottery fund. Since the year 2010, all the tours have been operated by the Ouseburn trust which has been done with a team of volunteer guides and part time coordinator.

The History of the Vctoria Tunnel

The Victoria Tunnel Newcastle was built in the year 1842 and was originally used for taking coal from the spital tongue colliery. During the World War 2, it acted as an air raid shelter which helped in the harboring of thousands of people who had nowhere else to go.

After WW1, the tunnel fell into despair and was forgotten for a while. However, the trust was responsible for repairs to a 700-meter stretch which has now been made available to the public. Different visitors from the local area and from different parts of the world book tours so that they can discover the hidden history of the Victoria Tunnel in Newcastle. Many schools visit the area as part of their own Victorian themes with a number of different classroom activities that play a part when it comes to complementing the tunnel tour which many have found to be an interesting adventure.

On top of the regular heritage tours that have been held, the tunnel has also played host to different installations and art shows, performances, and concerts which have been used as a kind of creative development. The tunnel also opens for free taster tours for the Ouseburn festival and late shows which are done as a way of trying to bring more visitors into the tunnel.

The highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteer guides have played a huge role in ensuring that all the visitors are able to get the experience of their lives.  You are able to know that the volunteer guides are good at what they do since all they do is get good comments and compliments from all visitors. Visitors have even gone a step further and given them very good reviews online which should tell you just how determined they are.

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