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On a day to day basis, it is very likely that you are going to make use of different electrical appliances around your home. Since electrical appliances have become a common thing in many homes and since it is also something that is used every day, many people tend to forget just how hazardous and risky they tend to be. With this in mind, it is important for you to take the time to make use of safety operations so as to ensure that everyone who is in your home has been made aware of all the electrical safety procedures.

Being safe when you are making use of extension cords, electrical appliances, light bulbs and any other electrical equipment is an easy task. Making sure that you follow the electrical safety tips below is one of the most effective ways in which you can go about it.

Electrical Appliance Safety

As you already know, appliances are an important part of any home. Below are some safety tips when you are making use of different appliances in your home.

  • Make sure that you unplug appliances that have been unused for a while and also store all the cords in a safe place whereby your kids, pets or any risky situation may not get a hold of them.
  • Make sure that any appliance that you purchase is able to meet all the set out regulations and standards.
  • Always make sure that you follow all the instructions of your appliances carefully. It is also advisable that you make sure that you do not carry out any kind of upgrades or repairs on your own.
  • All appliances that generate heat should be given a bit of clearance so as to ensure that there are good air cooling and circulation.
  • Do not operate any of your appliances with wet hands.


To increase the range of electrical outlets, many homes tend to make use of extension cords. You can be able to keep all your cords in good condition by making use of the following safety tips.

  • Do not make use of your cords as a clothing line, a jump rope or leashes. Cords should never be used for anything other than what they are intended for.
  • Make sure that you regularly check your cords for cracks, frays or kinks.
  • Do not in any way nail or staple your cords. If you find that your cord doesn’t sit where you want it to be, make use of a twist or a tape so as to ensure that it is secure.
  • You should not place your cords beneath your rugs. Also, by covering your cord, it is not going to be able to cool off properly which may also become a safety hazard.
  • Cords should always be firmly plugged into the different outlets.

Major Improvements to Wiring Installations

If the electrical installation in your property is over 20 years old the chances are that you will need to undertake a property rewire, a full rewire of a property has many benefits when it comes to electrical safety.