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The Great North Museum Newcastle features a number of pieces that are from Newcastle university museum, the Hancock museum, the Hatton gallery and the Shefton Museum. The key exhibits that can be found at the museum include natural history, interactive models of the Hadrian’s Wall, a display of animals and plants, a planetarium, spectacular objects which are from the ancient mummies and Greeks from the Ancient Egypt as well as a life-size T-Rex dinosaur skeleton.

The living planet exhibition at The Great North Museum Newcastle

The living planet exhibition is also home to a number of different creatures and since they have interactive exhibits and technology, you can be able to understand the diverse habitats of the creatures there. Once you are there, you could also have the opportunity to know how the different creatures are equipped in terms of not only surviving but also how they are also able to thrive in different challenging environments.

There is also an aquarium and a live animal tank that has been put for display whereby visitors are able to see different animals like pythons, wolf fish, lizards and many others. If you want to see a variety of animals and creatures, visiting the Great North Museum Newcastle would be a good idea and it is also a nice place to go with your children as well. There are also a number of star objects like a great white shark, a full-size model of an elephant, live animal displays, a virtual aquarium, a giraffe, a polar bear and a skeleton of a moa.

The Great North Museum Newcastle is known to be one of the most ancient antiquarian society which was founded in the year 1813. There are a collection of books, regular displays and also artifacts that are used when it comes to the telling of different stories about the Hadrian’s Wall history. All these features are also used when it comes to telling different fascinating aspects of the history of the wall and many other creatures and animals in the museum.

A Free Day out in Newcastle For All The Family

The museum is absolutely free to get in which is why it wouldn’t hurt to visit the place and get to discover the history, animals, and creatures that are there. It could also be a great place for you and your family to visit and spend time in and the best part about it all as mentioned earlier is that you do not have to pay anything. Also, if you are a huge fan of museums, then you could also go ahead and become a volunteer of the museum. This could be a great way in which you could be able to help the museum and also ensure that it is at its very best.

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