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The Rising Sun Country Park Newcastle is known for its green flag status and has also been recognised nationally for its beauty. The park is a very beautiful place in which anyone can visit and relax with family members. The lake area of the park is also a nice local nature reserve where there is a lot of wildlife. This is thanks to the wide and diverse habitats that are in the park. There is a meadow area, a pond, a woodland is and shrubs which are also able to offer the perfect environment for different kinds of animals. If you are a bird lover, this is also a great area where you will have the opportunity to observe a wide range of birds especially through the two bird hides that are in the park.

An in-depth of the Rising Sun Country Park Newcastle

The country park is located in a 400-acre green oasis which is all located in the heart of the town. The best part about choosing to visit the park is that it is absolutely free to get inside the park. Also, the park is open every single day of the week and year for anyone who would want to have a look at what it has to offer.

As mentioned earlier, the wildlife that is found in the park is diverse and rich meaning if you are an animal lover, you are going to have a good time. There is also a lake area which has been put as a local nature reserve and all visitors who visit the park are made aware of this factor. The different habitats that are in the park include a number of things like woodland as mentioned earlier, a grassland, a lake, a wetland a pond and as mentioned, there is also a bird hide whereby bird lovers can be able to explore.

For cyclists, walkers and horse riders, there is a wide network of bridleways and footpaths that you can make use of. Some of these paths have also been made in a way ensuring that the disabled are able to make use of them without any difficulty making the park accessible to almost anyone.

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