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What jobs does an electrician do?

This is one of the questions that tend to come with an obvious answer. What this means, is that as we all know, electricians tend to work with electricity most of the time if not all. Electricians are the people who set all the necessary things up with the main aim of ensuring that a home or a building is able to receive the right amount of power they need in the areas they need it. However, this statement does not in all tell you exactly what it is that electricians do, theres a big difference beween for instance installing a light switch and wiring up a new build property for the local developers.

So, what are the jobs of an electrician?

For you to be able to have a good answer to this question, you need to have an insight of how electricians work through their day. For you to have a wider perspective of this, you need to know the different types of electricians as well as their job responsibilities.

Different electrician job types

When it comes to the job types of electricians, there are mainly four different types even though each of them has their own specialties. The four main types have been mentioned below.

  • The inside wireman. This is the type of electrician who places and maintains all the electrical wirings that tend to go into large building structures like arenas, office buildings, colleges, schools, factories, municipal buildings, airports and much
  • The residential wireman. This is the type of installs and maintains all the electrical wires that tend to go into people‚Äôs homes.
  • The outside lineman. This is the type of electrician who sets up cables that tend to go from a power plant to a given home or building. They also tend to do a lot of thick cables laying as well as working with telephone poles. Even though this is the most difficult electrician job type, it is the best paying type.
  • The telecommunications electrician. This is the type of electricians who lay all the cables that are needed when it comes to all forms of communication including computer, phone as well as the wiring of local area network.

The responsibilities of an electrician

There are some specific tasks that electricians tend to handle as well as the responsibilities that they have.

  • Installations of electrical machines for different factories and companies.
  • Carefully reading and understanding blueprints so that they can be able to learn where the outlets, circuits, panel boards and where all the other electrical components can be found or where they can be placed.
  • The adding, replacing and also the maintaining of fuses, circuit breakers, and wires.
  • Planning the proper layout as well as the installations of the wiring that is going to be done throughout the building or a series of different buildings they are going to be working with.
  • Reviewing the work of other electricians they may be working with.

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