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Grey Street Newcastle which was built on the 1830s is known to be one of the finest in the city. It is also home to a number of restaurants, wine bars that have grown in terms of popularity of the years. Today, Grey Street Newcastle is one of the best places to go for dining, good food, and drinks. From the best to the worst, the street is known to be home to different restaurants and bars which tend to attract quite a number of revelers every day of the week.

Common to most city centers that have thoroughfares, Grey Street Newcastle also has its very own history that has led to its popularity and growth. The history of the street goes all the way to the wine bar and tapas joints that are in the street.  The finance clerks and bankers whose firms at some point occupied the fine buildings on the street would be surprised to see how today different people are relaxing on those alfresco tables enjoying their cocktails and wines.

Inspired by John Dobson’s and Grainger

Grey Street Newcastle is said to be the center piece of John Dobson’s and Grainger ambitious and successful plans for a new city center which took place in the 1830s. However, the street was to be originally named as the New Dean Street since part of it run down the Dean Street and was also built in the 1700s.

Theatre Royal Newcastle

There are fine, neo-classical buildings that are found in this street which is one of the many factors that tend to distinguish it from the rest. When it comes to the most famous address in Grey Street Newcastle, the Theatre Royal is the best place to be which was completed in the year 1838. This theatre has been found to be one of the two buildings that have that name to have been built there.

The first building that had that name was the one which was built in the year 1785 on the Drury lane. Unfortunately, in the year 1823, the building suffered a fire which ended up killing seven people. Even though it was repaired later on, it ended up being demolished in the year 1834 so that it could be able to make way for the Grainger’s new street.

A Radio 4 Voted This Street the Best in the Whole of the UK

Grey Street Newcastle, ever since it came to rise has never lacked admirers. In the year 1862. It was described by William Gladstone who was the then prime minister as one of the best modern streets. In the year 2002, a number of listeners of radio 4 voted the street to be one of the best streets in the United Kingdom and there was really no one to disagree with them.

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